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How ‘One Voter, One Vote’ Would Keep Cities From Controlling The Country


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President Donald Trump’s executive order directing the Census Bureau to excludeillegally present aliens from the population counts used to apportion seats in the House of Representatives immediately elicited from the American Civil Liberties Union the promise of a legal challenge.

The president’s order is factually correct and should be defended. Ironically, even if it survives constitutional challenge, Trump’s action might not make much real difference in combating the gross distortion in representation caused by counting noncitizens in apportioning legislatures.

There is a real solution, however, that is constitutional and could send a powerful political message for the upcoming elections: a law requiring that congressional seats within each state be apportioned on the basis of the state’s citizen population rather than its gross population. Such a law would help take urban voters’ disproportionate voting power, cultivated through “sanctuaries” and noncitizen population counts, away from chaos-ridden Democratic strongholds and return it to disempowered citizens outside the large cities.:snip:
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