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How to Make the Best Brisket at Home According to Hutchins BBQ


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Written by: 

Peter Warren

Published: July 24, 2020 at 12:00 am

While sitting down at your favorite barbecue joint to enjoy a tray loaded high with smokey, tender, peppery brisket is a little more challenging these days, you don’t have to live without Texas’ favorite cut of meat. 

The brothers’ biggest tip for cooking brisket is buying the highest quality meat.

aging the brisket for 30 to 45 days 

Coating the brisket with mustard before adding the seasonings is important to ensuring a good bark, or outer layer, during smoking.

recommends using a well-mixed rub of two-thirds medium-grind pepper and one-third kosher salt. 

For the brisket, they smoke with post oak for the first three to five hours at 225 to 250 degrees before moving to pecan.

you want even, consistent flames. 

When a nice bark has formed—usually when it attains an internal temperature of 170 degrees— wrap the brisket in butcher paper and return it to the pit. When the internal temperature rises to about 200 to 205 degrees, allow it to sit in a room-temperature environment for four hours or until internal temperature drops to 140 degrees.

Once that happens, it’s time to cut against the grain and enjoy your own Hutchins BBQ-style brisket.  :snip:  https://texashighways.com/eat-drink/recipes/how-to-make-the-best-brisket-at-home-according-to-hutchins-bbq/

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