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Time to Decide


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Time to Decide

By Geezer Bob

 July 28, 2020 (1 Hour Ago)


 We are now past the 100-days-to-election mark and, while I think most minds have been made up, there is still a matter to be settled. I do not think that anything I can say at this point will change the way any of you will vote. I know how I will vote and there is not likely anything that will come along to change that.

What really needs to be settled is the matter of the Never Trump crowd. It has been both amusing and dismaying these past four years to watch the conservative movement try to deal with the reality of Donald Trump. There are the irredeemables, led by Bill Kristol and Charlie Sykes, who have removed themselves from serious consideration as they created The Bulwark after the fall of The Weekly Standard. But then others, such as Jonah Goldberg and David French stayed in place through most of it but ultimately separated themselves to found The Dispatch.  :snip: 

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