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Zucchini Casserole


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Zucchini casserole

I do think, that there is an old recipe of mine that covers this topic, but that was yonks ago...Basically this is a cheese delivery system, but I can see it being used long ago..In fact I do think you could do this recipe entirely in cast iron..a skillet to soften the zuchhini and then the Dutch oven to bake..going to have to try that!!!

Any way...the recipe.
1C prepared rice..I used quick brown rice..It’s just easier!
2 lbs of Zuchinni..diced into bite sized pieces
1/3C unsalted butter. I actually used 1/4 C this time. Seemed to be ok..
1C shredded sharp cheddar cheese
1/3 C Parm cheese..had a brck so I shredded that for this recipe. Glad I did. Made a huuuge difference in flavor!
2T dried onion flakes..I used 2 tsp powdered onion
1 tsp fresh ground garlic
1 tsp worchestor suace
1/4 tsp Tyme. And rosemary
Salt and pepper to taste...I leave that to those at the table.

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