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Network’s Viewership Decimated After Police Show Canceled


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A&E Network’s cancellation of its popular police show “Live PD” has backfired, big time. 

Average prime-time viewership for the channel has declined by 49 percent year over year since the show’s cancellation, according to the Wall Street Journal. Prior to the show’s cancellation June 10, viewership for the channel in 2020 had been up 4 percent over 2019. 

The show, which aired live footage of police officers across the country, was canceled by A&E when advocates of the Black Lives Matter movement claimed that shows about police “glorify” police departments and police violence

Just prior to the show’s cancellation, South Carolina House Democrat Leader Todd Rutherford said of the show: “The glorification of the demonization of African-Americans at the hands of law enforcement needs to stop and a large part of that is what goes on on ‘Live PD.’ ”:snip:

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