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Largest Civil Verdict Won by Michael Avenatti Tossed out by Court of Appeals — Avenatti’s Tin Cup Now Out


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Today, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued an opinion reversing a jury verdict and ordering dismissal of a case that was the biggest of Michael Avenatti’s career in his prior profession as an attorney in Southern California.

The case was a class-action lawsuit brought by Avenatti on behalf of Plaintiff Bahamas Surgery Center and against defendant multinational health care company Kimberly-Clark Corp. (KCC).


The allegations of the case were that KCC had sold hundreds of millions of dollars worth of surgical gowns through co-defendant distributor Halyard Co, which were labeled as being compliant with a certain industry-recognized standard for being a liquid bio-hazard barrier, when those gowns did not, in fact, meet the industry-standard as represented.

As described in reporting at the time, the Los Angeles federal court jury that heard the case — only six jurors in a federal civil case — was largely younger adults in their 20s, and Avenatti tailored his presentation, including his manner of speaking, to the audience.:snip:

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