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Afghan teen who shot Taliban attackers reportedly killed own husband


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Amanda Woods

July 23, 2020


Qamar Gul

One of the Taliban attackers killed by Afghan teen Qamar Gul — who was later hailed on social media as a hero — was in fact her own husband, according to a new report.

Qamar’s husband, Mohamed Naeem, was fighting on the Taliban’s side and apparently seeking her forcible return after a falling out with the family, relatives and local officials told the New York Times.

Qamar’s father, Shah Gul Rahimi, had struck an agreement with Naeem, a resident of an adjacent village, about four years ago. Naeem would marry Qamar as his second wife, and Rahimi would take Naeem’s second niece as his own second wife, according to the report.

Tensions began when Rahimi’s new wife visited her family and refused to return to her husband, the paper reported.


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