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186,700 illegal immigrants from 130 nations stopped by Trump’s coronavirus border closure


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President Trump’s shutdown of the southern border early in the coronavirus crisis kept nearly 190,000 illegal immigrants from 70% of the world from entering the United States and potentially spreading the disease, according to administration data.


Officials said that 186,000 from 130 of the world’s 195 nations, including China and Mexico, were stopped from entering the country since the beginning of the year. Some 42 had unknown citizenship.

What’s more, officials said that special precautions taken at Department of Homeland Security border facilities have kept infection numbers low in local communities.

“The actions of President Trump quickly addressed public health threat posed by the coronavirus as migrant flows threatened to accelerate outbreak in the United States through the southwest border, and imploringly, helped ensure that fewer potentially infected, un-screened, un-vetted, and unauthorized aliens were entering U.S. detention facilities for the virus to spread to other parts of the country,” said an administration review.:snip:

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