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The Left Comes for Religious Hospitals


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The justices predicted a war—and almost one month to the day of their Bostock ruling, they got one. 

The first shot was fired last Thursday, when the ACLU decided to sue Maryland’s St. Joseph Medical Center for refusing to take out a woman’s perfectly healthy uterus just because she wanted to live as a man. It goes against the hospital’s religious beliefs, St. Joseph argued. But now, thanks to the Supreme Court, it might go against six justices’ ridiculous definition of “sex” too.

The last thing anyone should want right now is fewer hospitals. And yet, that may very well be the outcome of lawsuits like this one. 

If people are worried about the health care system being overwhelmed today, just wait until liberals force the religiously affiliated groups entirely out of business. Because that’s what’ll happen if the left insists on forcing religious facilities to embrace its radical views. 


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Six activists on the Supreme Court think they’ve done Hammons a favor by ordering America to help her live as a man. But what about the hospitals that want to live as Christians? We need justices who will stand up and protect them.

Did They...Help Him?


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