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California town scrubs Black Lives Matter mural after Trump supporter requests ‘MAGA 2020’ painting


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David Matthews, New York Daily News

,July 21, 2020

A California town in the state’s Bay Area washed away a Black Lives Matter mural after a Trump supporter requested a “MAGA 2020 1/4 u2033 mural be painted on the same street.

Redwood City approved the idea, and even supplied the paint, to Daniel Pease who painted the mural during a July 4 party in the town’s Courthouse Square, according to the Sacramento Bee.

Local news station KPIX reported that the mural was power-washed away by the city in the middle of the night last week instead of letting the paint fade over time because attorney Maria Rutenberg requested permission to paint a “MAGA 2020” mural nearby since the area had become a public forum.

“I wanted to get my message out, too,” Rutenburg told KPIX.




I Think I'm In Love!

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