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Democratic hopes fade of redrawing electoral map to their advantage


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State-based Democratic parties are jostling for power in their legislatures so they can exert some influence on the congressional and local redistricting process set to take place in 2021 after the 2020 census.

Doing so can help them tip congressional contests in their favor or secure control of their statehouses until the next decade's headcount when it's constitutionally mandated that district maps be re-drawn. If they don't have independent redistricting commissions, that is.

Redistricting is on the minds of political insiders, according to the University of Wisconsin-Madison Elections Research Center director Barry Burden.

Statehouses are responsible for configuring congressional districts in 31 states and state legislative districts in 30, the Brennan Justice Center found in 2019.

After seizing Virginia's Statehouse last year, Democrats are hoping to make similar inroads in Minnesota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Texas this November, all of which task lawmakers with drafting the new maps.:snip:

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