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Catholics Decry ‘Week of Vandalism and Arson’ Against Churches Across U.S.


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Catholic churches across North America suffered a devastating week of vandalism and arson from July 10-16, according to a report from the Aleteia news agency.

The week-long spree of vandalism, presumably connected with ongoing protests, included the desecration of statues of Jesus and Mary — some of which were “beheaded or spray-painted” — along with graffiti on church structures and fire, John Burger reported.

On July 10, a vandal sprayed a statue of the Virgin Mary that stands in front of Cathedral Preparatory School in Queens, New York, with the word “IDOL.” Although the school’s security camera picked up footage of the individual committing the crime, police had not yet apprehended the perpetrator as of the report’s publication this past weekend.

The rector of Cathedral Prep, Father James Kuroly, called the incident “an act of hatred.”

“Obviously, this tragedy saddens us deeply but it also renews our hope and faith in the Lord as he has shown his goodness in the many people who have already reached out to us,” said Fr. Kuroly. “We are sincerely grateful for the help we have received as well as the prayers. Please continue praying for those who committed this act of vandalism and hatred toward Our Lady and the Church.”:snip:

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More Here at Alpha News............

‘Anti-Catholic Bigotry’: Rep Banks Demands Investigations Into Anti-Catholic Crimes

“The rise in violence against houses of worship, religious symbols, and sacred spaces is quickly becoming an epidemic across the country led by radical leftists hell-bent on destroying the very moral fabric of our nation,” Trump campaign deputy press secretary Ken Farnaso

Mary Margaret Olohan

July 19, 2020

Republican Indiana Rep. Jim Banks denounced incidents of vandalism of Catholic churches that have occurred throughout the United States in a Friday statement to the Daily Caller News Foundation, and called on the Department of Justice to investigate the attacks.



I'm going to put a positive spin on this. Why you may (rightly) ask? Because The Church (the body of Christ) grows when it is attacked. For too long there has not been a Price to be paid for being a Christian in America. Now we're starting to see a Price being asked.

BTW compared to large parts of the world what has been happening recently is called Tuesday. This sort of thing (and much much) worse happens All..The..Time.

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