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Gun violence sweeps US cities again as weekend sees seven shot dead and 53 wounded in Chicago,...


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Ralph R. Ortega

20 July 2020

  • Seven people were killed and as many as 53 others were wounded in Chicago
  • On the same weekend in 2019, Chicago saw 43 people shot, with three killed
  • A man was also fatally shot and eight others wounded in Washington DC Sunday
  • The shooting was blamed on three gunmen who opened fire just before 5.pm  
  • In New York, a man was shot dead and 10 were left wounded this weekend



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Federal agents will deploy to Chicago as part of anti-violence effort; Mayor Lightfoot pushes back against President Trump

CHICAGO (WLS) -- President Donald Trump is planning to send federal agents to Chicago and Mayor Lori Lightfoot has pushed back against the plan in a letter to the president.

The Trump administration says this move is about controlling the city's violence. But in Portland-Oregon federal agents are behind a crack-down on protesters.

Officials with The Department of Justice tell the ABC7 I-Team the plan to send federal agents here would not involve engaging with protesters. It would mainly be in response to shootings and street violence.:snip:
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Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Grudgingly Accepts Federal Law Enforcement Help

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has accepted President Donald Trump’s offer of federal law enforcement officials to help fight crime in Chicago — but says they must not patrol protests, as federal officials are doing in Portland, Oregon.

President Trump and Mayor Lightfoot spoke Wednesday evening, after the administration announced that it would surge federal law enforcement agents to Chicago and other cities suffering from a wave of violent crime in the wake of Black Lives Matter protests. The protests have prompted police to scale back patrols — in some cases at the behest of politicians.:snip:

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7 arrests, 1 officer hurt after melee during Tempe protest

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

TEMPE, Ariz. (AP) — Authorities say seven people were arrested after a Tempe Black Lives Matter protest turned chaotic.

A demonstration in downtown Tempe Monday night started out peacefully. But then protesters got into an altercation with a small group of counter-protesters, according to police. One member of one group assaulted someone in the opposing group and an arrest was made.

After that, Tempe police say the roughly 150 protesters continued onto Scottsdale Road and illegally blocked traffic in all directions. The scene turned more confrontational once officers ordered protesters to get off the roadway.




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