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DNC organizers tell members of Congress to stay away, prepare for several hundred


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Organizers for the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee are preparing for as few as 300 people to attend events in Milwaukee when the convention begins Aug. 17. The New York Times first reported the number that would include not only party officials and attendees, but media, security, doctors and volunteers.

"Look, it’s going to be smaller than we expected whether it’s 300, 500 or 1,000" Alex Lasry, Milwaukee Bucks Senior Vice President who helped secure the convention for Milwaukee, said in an interview with WISN 12 News. "To me that's immaterial. It’s not going to be the 50,000 people and at the end of the day, though, just because it’s not that doesn’t mean this isn’t a great thing for Milwaukee. We're still going to be the host of this convention."


On Thursday, Democratic members of Congress and delegates received an email from convention organizers telling them to stay home.

"What we know now is that this year’s Convention will be reduced more drastically than originally expected," Chasseny Lewis wrote, a senior advisor for congressional affairs as part of the Democratic National Convention Committee.

Earlier this week, a California delegate told WISN 12 News he was still planning to travel to Milwaukee but is unsure whether he’ll be allowed into convention events that have now moved from Fiserv Forum to The Wisconsin Center.


So, even fewer people than normal?

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