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Here is the story of one of Bill Clinton's slimier presidential pardons.


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Tony Rodham signed a contract in June 1998 with the Edgar and Vonna Jo Gregory's circus company, United Shows of America, Inc., and several related businesses to serve as their "independent consultant."  Perhaps not coincidentally, the Gregorys negotiated the contract with Hillary Clinton's youngest brother at the same time they began  pursuing presidential pardons.  Years earlier, Edgar and Vonna Jo Gregory pleaded guilty in a banking fraud case.  Edgar received five years of probation and Vonna Jo three.

The Gregorys were no strangers to the Clinton clan.  They donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the political campaigns of Bill and Hillary Clinton and to various Democrat political parties during Bill's eight years as president.   In the two years leading up to their pardons, the Gregorys, their children, and their company and key employees contributed nearly $300,000 to political campaigns, with nearly all of it going to Democratic causes.:snip:

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