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Conservative group launches ‘DivestU’ to redirect donations away from liberal colleges


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EXCLUSIVE: Conservative group Turning Point USA launched a new initiative Thursday encouraging college and university donors who believe their values no longer align with their alma maters to "de-commit" their gifts and redirect the money to different causes – rather than fund “left-wing indoctrination.”

Turning Point USA founder and President Charlie Kirk dubs the initiative “DivestU,” which the organization calls their “most aggressive project yet to combat rampant Leftism at universities by striking where they are most vulnerable: their wallets.”:snip:

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Rebuilding America by Restoring the University

Pennsylvania State University recently removed a tweet welcoming conservative perspectives after the school received backlash on social media and complaints from students. This intolerance does not surprise conservatives familiar with our higher education institutions. Our colleges and universities, especially the elite ones, indoctrinate more students into anti-American sentiments every year, all the while happily accepting billions of dollars in federal funding.

But higher education faces an era of high financial instability due to the unsure state of social distancing and the probable enrollment drop induced by a baby bust. Colleges are begging for extra financial assistance during these unsure times. Conservatives, especially those in the executive branch of the federal government, should see this as an opportunity to reshape these rogue institutions.

Progressives currently hold ideological and functional controls over higher education. While non-profit universities are prohibited from taking or stating positions on political candidates or participating in one-sided activities related to elections, the “leftification” of universities results in various biases. Professors and administrators overwhelmingly support Democratic candidates over Republicans. Student bodies lean left, with extremists often voicing their grievances the loudest. Pranksters can successfully submit fake research studies, on topics such as rape culture in dog parks, because academic journal editors are so committed to the progressive agenda.:snip:

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