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The Left Embraces ‘Settling For Biden’


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The left is conceding that they are settling for Joe Biden as their nominee.

Leftist organizations such as Black Lives Matter, for example, who one would think would refrain from supporting the former Vice President given his track record on racial issues, are promoting the puppet of a candidate.

A new organization called ‘Settle for Biden‘ has popped up on social media, describing themselves as a “grassroots group of former Sanders and Warren supporters working to unite our party around an imperfect candidate so we can get Trump out of office.”

“He’s not great,” the group says of the Presidential hopeful, “but he’s what we’ve got.” The Marine Corps slogan of ‘improvise, adapt, overcome’ comes to mind. Settle for Biden’s Instagram bio reads: “Ok, fine. Biden 2020.” How inspiring.

Whether the organization itself is satirical or not, the movement for Democrats to compromise on Biden as their nominee is very real. The creation of the Settle for Biden social media pages is a manifestation of Democrat voters’ growing concerns for their candidate.


They'll take what they can get...

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