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Signed, Sealed, Undelivered: Thousands Of Mail-In Ballots Rejected For Tardiness


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Pam Fessler, Elena Moore

July 13 2020


A rally outside the Montclair, N.J., town hall on July 1. Protesters hung 1,101 absentee ballots to represent the number of votes that weren't counted in a mayoral election that was decided by just 195 votes.

Kate Albright/Montclair Local

Mail-in voting, which tens of millions of Americans are expected to use this November, is fraught with potential problems. Hundreds of thousands of ballots go uncounted each year because people make mistakes, such as forgetting to sign the form or sending it in too late.

An NPR analysis has found that in the primary elections held so far this year, at least 65,000 absentee or mail-in ballots have been rejected because they arrived past the deadline, often through no fault of the voter.


'That's the sort of thing that makes me wary about what's going to happen in November when we get an even larger influx of people who haven't voted, or haven't voted by mail in the past," he says.


July 13 2020

Mail In Voting BACKFIRES On Democrats, Thousands Of Ballots From Young And Minority Voters REJECTED. Democrats have been demanding mail in voting and now the results are in.

Across the US ballots are being rejected and uncounted. Many of the ballots are rejected for being filled out incorrectly leaving first time voters, young voters, and minority voters left out.

Republicans have warned of impending chaos and Trump has been very vocal. But the media has kept on screaming that Trump was wrong and it would be fine.

Now Minority voters are outraged and filing lawsuits to get their ballots.

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Sept. 24 2020

DOJ Uncovers Trump Votes Getting Trashed, Votes Found in Ditch, Media Says Trump Is Planning A COUP. A DOJ announcement said a small number of votes from the military were discarded, all of them for Trump.

In a separate instance absentee votes were found in a ditch in Wisconsin leading many to believe that the mail in voting plan is going to be completely broken.

Trump of course has challenged mail in voting and the media has smeared him for it even though they keep reporting the problems. They now claim that Trump is planning a coup in the event Joe Biden wins.

Contesting the vote is not a coup.

Democrats of course don't care and are fanning the flames of Chaos while accusing Trump of doing just that.

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