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Maximo Alvarez Don't Be A Useful Idiot


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July 12 2020

South Florida gas distributor and Cuban immigrant Maximo Alvarez spoke about his American dream and warned against socialism during an event Friday at the White House.

"Never forget about my dad who only had a sixth-grade education but I think he was the greatest philosopher I ever met," he said. "He used to tell us how lucky he was because he was able to come from Spain to Cuba and then he came from Cuba to the United States and he saw me graduate from college and that was the biggest prize he ever had and he said don't lose this place because you're never going to be as lucky as me because if you lose this place you have no place to go so with that please keep that in mind and please people explain that to our young people who are demonstrating out there don't be useful idiots"



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PC is fascism
Before going on a trip, (metaphorically) ask someone who's been there.
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