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Roughly 20% Of Minneapolis Cops File For PTSD Related Disability Following Riots


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About 1 in 5 Minneapolis police officers have filed for disability, most of whom say they have developed PTSD after the George Floyd riots.

Kyle Hooten

July 11, 2020

Over 150 officers from the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) have filed disability claims recently, most of which center around PTSD resulting from the George Floyd riots.

Officers say they feared for their lives and prepared to die on the night that the 3rd Precinct was overtaken and burned by rioters as law enforcement received minimal support from Minneapolis leaders. After this event as well as months of increased violence in the city, roughly 20% of the MPD’s officers have filed disability claims. MPD employs about 800 total officers, per the city.


In addition to issuing a written statement, Meuser also gave a press conference, Friday, during which he fielded questions from reporters.

“They’re not working,” Meuser said about the officers he represents during the press conference. “That is the issue that you the community must recognize because it’s a simple fact of manpower. If you have approximately 150 officers at this point that have gone off, or are in the process of going off, and I assure you that number increases on a daily basis… the city has to address the issue of manpower.”

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