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Scott Johnson

July 10 2020

Ammo Grrrll declares 2020: A YEAR FOR THE BIRDS! A Review. She writes:

JANUARY – Who the hell remembers? I think we had lives back then, outings, travel, jobs. Stuff happened on different days. There WERE different days. People got together. People drank in bars and ate in cafes. The economy broke all records. Good times, good times.



With major cities burning, statues being razed Taliban-style, screaming lunatics on freeways, cops told to stand down and let the thugs and criminals continue their terrorist reign, I thought maybe the grownups in America would weigh in. Ha! The Wokester PR flacks of virtually every corporation in America could not churn out pro-BLM boilerplate fast enough. In one day alone I got mealymouthed emails from my clinic, our favorite theater company and – wait for it! – The Desert Botanical Garden! All in virtual SUPPORT of the thugs. There is not one craven, cretinous statue-toppler who is worthy in any moral or intellectual sense to empty the chamber pots of any of the giants immortalized in those ruined statues.

JULY — The DODO BIRD was supposed to be extinct. But it’s making a comeback in the form of unhinged white women screeching at conservative black men that they don’t understand about racism. Earlier a senile old hair-sniffing creep told black people if they don’t vote for him, they “ain’t black.” Could any out-and-proud white supremacist have fashioned a more disrespectful or embarrassing speech? He has recently announced that he is Joe Biden’s husband and he wants you to vote for him. Hey, if Dennis Rodman can marry himself, why not Joe Biden? Personally, I would vote for Dennis before Joe. At least Dennis can rebound. Joe Biden has never done a single useful thing in his entire life.

Priceless recent Rob Reiner quote: “On Nov. 3rd we’ll find out how many racists there are in the U.S.” Oh, no need to wait till then, Tubby. In the Democrat Primary, YOUR Party had plenty of People of Tan or Beige Protective Coloration to choose from, People with Elderly Lady Bits, People who Have Sex With People Like Themselves – and you ended up with two old straight white men. So stuff a sock in it, you insufferable, privileged blowhard.

AUGUST – OCTOBER the Faux Republican OSTRICHES try to suck up to BLM and Antifa in ways that would make Neville Chamberlain blush in the forlorn hope that they will still get to be on TV. NOVEMBER – Americans finally get to vote. The EAGLE lands again! Please, God.

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