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And now, the Minneapolis effect


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Scott Johnson

July 10 2020

Paul Cassell is Ronald N. Boyce Presidential Professor of Criminal Law and University Distinguished Professor of Law at the University of Utah’s S.J. Quinney College of Law. In other words, a prominent scholar. At the Volokh Conspiracy he modestly poses the question “Are Minneapolis Crime Increases Evidence of a ‘Ferguson Effect’?”

Professor Cassell isn’t the first observer to pose the question. Heather Mac Donald has already argued that Minneapolis has given rise to “Ferguson Effect 2.0 or the Minneapolis Effect[.]” While Heather has examined the effect nationally, Professor Cassell refines Heather’s analysis by focusing on the crime spike (gun crimes mostly) in Minneapolis that is likely due to a reduction in police activity – our very own “Ferguson effect.” Drawing on his scholarly expertise along with the Washington Free Beacon article and related research by Charles Fain Lehman, Professor Cassell writes:



Twin Cities Violent Crime Task Force Formed to Combat ‘Extraordinary Spike’ in Crime

Newly formed multi-agency Violent Crime Task Force aims to tamp down surge of violent crime in the Twin Cities.

MN Crime

July 9, 2020


Violent crime in Minneapolis, including homicides, shootings, robberies and violent carjackings, have increased over the same period last year (June 1 – July 9) since the Minneapolis City Council announced its intention to disband the city’s police department in the aftermath of Floyd’s death. 

Homicides in Minneapolis have more than doubled over the same period last year, and aggravated assaults are up nearly 20 percent over the same period. At the end of June, at least 120 people had been shot in Minneapolis since Memorial Day.

MacDonald said the “extraordinary spike in gun violence and violent crime across the Twin Cities” prompted the formation of the Task Force.


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