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Extrajudicial killings suspected as dozens of bodies found in Burkina Faso


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July 8 2020

OUAGADOUGOU - At least 180 bodies have been found in common graves in Djibo, a town in the north of Burkina Faso, Human Rights Watch (HRW), said in a report released on Wednesday, saying that the killings were likely carried out by government forces.
"Available evidence suggests government forces were involved in mass extrajudicial executions," HRW said. It called for the government to hold those responsible to account.
The Burkina Faso government told HRW it will investigate the claims.
Minister of Defence Moumina Cheriff Sy said the killings could have been committed by jihadist groups using stolen army uniforms and logistical equipment.
"It is difficult for the population to distinguish between armed terrorist groups and the defense and security forces," he said.
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