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Dr. Scott Jensen says he's being investigated by medical board for spreading COVID-19 misinformation


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The state lawmaker went viral earlier in the pandemic due to comments he made about death certificates.

Adam Uren

Jul 6, 2020

Minnesota senator and medical physician Dr. Scott Jensen says he is under investigation by the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice for allegedly spreading misinformation about COVID-19.

Jensen revealed the investigation in a Facebook video on Sunday, saying the medical board is focusing on "reckless advice" he had given by comparing COVID-19 with the flu, as well as comments he made regarding CDC guidelines for the completion of death certificates in an interview with Fargo news broadcaster Chris Berg in April – which went viral.


While it's not clear from his video on Sunday what he's being investigated for regarding the comparison between flu and COVID-19, Jensen did post a video on his Facebook page on Mar. 27 comparing the then-greater number of deaths from flu in Minnesota to the deaths from COVID-19, even though COVID-19 has subsequently been found to be deadlier.

Jensen said he will cooperate with the investigation.



H/T Power Line




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From The Red Star

Sen. Scott Jensen says he has 'no regrets' about his COVID-19 comments

Senate leader says he's under investigation by state medical board for COVID remarks.

By Jessie Van Berkel Star Tribune

July 7, 2020 — 11:25am

State Sen. Scott Jensen, a physician, said Monday he has “no regrets” over controversial comments he made about COVID-19 that have sparked a state review.

Jensen, a Republican from Chaska, said he believes complaints to the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice that he was spreading misinformation and giving “reckless advice” about the coronavirus may be politically motivated.

The board declined to confirm any complaints or reviews underway, stating that such information is not subject to public disclosure.




The Comments are as always very...enlightening.

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Jensen says Ellison’s office is now involved in fifth investigation of his medical license

Jensen implied that since he is no longer a candidate for governor, an "opportunity" has arisen for "dissenting voices to be crushed."

Evan Stambaugh
February 1, 2023


Dr. Scott Jensen says the attorney general's office is now involved in the investigation into his medical license. (Scott Jensen/Facebook)

Dr. Scott Jensen is claiming the office of Attorney General Keith Ellison is now involved in the fifth investigation of his medical license.

The family physician and former gubernatorial candidate announced Monday evening that he had received from the attorney general’s office a “notice of conference” requesting his presence before the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice’s “complaint review committee.”

In an explanatory letter dated Jan. 25, the Board of Medical Practice’s executive director, Ruth Martinez, wrote that the committee would be using “representatives of the Office of the Attorney General” as its legal representation during the meeting.

A spokesperson for the attorney general’s office confirmed to Alpha News that it “provides legal representation to the Board of Medical Practice, as it does to more than 100 state agencies, boards, and commissions,” but could not comment on any of the board’s potential investigations.

“This meeting is not a hearing, but rather a forum for the committee to have a face-to-face conversation with you about the concerns expressed in the Notice,” Martinez’s letter added.

Jensen shared the announcement in a video posted to his Twitter account Monday evening. He slammed the state government’s notice as “raw politics” and “raw power.”


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