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Left-Leaning Media Celebrates as American Pride Hits Lowest on Record on Fourth of July


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We live in a racist, bigoted, violent, misogynistic, homophobic, Islamophobic, oppressive, white supremacist country. I bet you knew that already, though. We’re reminded of it 24-7 by a media that apparently believes that by making America look like a combination of Stalin’s Soviet Union and Hiter’s Germany, they can defeat Donald Trump in November.


It’s a constant source of mirth that, after solemnly reporting that America is the pits day in and day out for years, a poll comes out to show that…wait for it…Americans think America is the pits. It’s a real “Aha!” moment for the media and is either evidence of the media’s total cluelessness or a very poor sense of humor.

Gallup has been measuring pride in America since 2001 and, in honor of July 4, issued its latest results. They shouldn’t surprise anyone who’s been paying attention.:snip:

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