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The Tariff Road to Civil War


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The Tariff Road to Civil War

Northern Provocation to Southern Secession

 ADMIN   February 13, 2020

By Mike Scruggs- Most Americans believe that the U.S. “Civil War” was just about slavery. They have to an enormous degree been misinformed. Since the early 1960s, powerful academic and political interests have been straining every nerve to sustain the myth that the war was a glorious moral crusade against slavery.

dollar-in-your-pocket-dollar-protect-you 1860 Election Poster. “The only Issue before the Voters is the Protective Tariff.” Presented a flawed sectionalist economic appeal.

How to handle the multi-faceted problem of slavery was often a divisive issue but not in the overly-simplified moral sense that lives in postwar and modern propaganda. Had there been no Morrill Tariff, the major cotton-exporting states would not have been so strongly compelled to secede, and there might never have been a war.

Recent scholarship now estimates that the total of military deaths during the Civil War was over 750,000 and that 130,000 civilian deaths, including 80,000 displaced Southern slaves who died of malnutrition and disease following Emancipation and the collapse of the Southern economy, brought the total loss of lives to over 880,000. :snip: 

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