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Hate Mail From Black People


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CNN host Chris Cuomo recently complained about his job. "I don't like what I do," he said. It seems that Cuomo, out in public, gets some negative feedback: "I don't want some jackass, loser, fat-tire biker being able to pull over and get in my face and in my space and talk bulls--t to me. I don't want to hear it." Cuomo complained that as "a celebrity" he cannot "tell you to go to hell, to shut your mouth." Poor Cuomo; the stress of his reportedly $6 million a year gig must be unbearable.

No doubt U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams, who is black, is getting a great deal of hate mail these days. In advising "communities of color" on the importance of practicing mitigation to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, Adams said: "We need you to do this, if not for yourself, then for your abuela. Do it for your granddaddy. Do it for your big momma. Do it for your pop-pop."


How dare Adams "blame" blacks and Hispanics, said critics, because a disproportionate percentage are contracting and dying from the coronavirus. How dare he speak to minorities in such a condescending way, said others. Poor President Donald Trump. He's criticized for having an administration chock-full of white males. And Trump's criticized for having a black surgeon general who attempts to reach out to minorities in a way he considered relatable.:snip:

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You have to be just about one of the dummest most ignorant men on the planet. My conservative newspaper in edmonton chooses to occassionally publish your columns. I find it disturbating the way you support the biggest racist, homophobic, narcissistic, gender bashing c---s---er of all time. What the f--- is the matter with you? Do you even know you are a black man? You sound like a slave prairing his master like we saw in the roots movie in the 80's. The man you support is a pr--k which also says a lot about you. F--- you are sick Larry. Check you facts you sick f--- before you write lies.

I have always maintained that the best way to let people know you have some good valid ideas/thoughts people should pay attention to is the frequent use of 4 & 8 letter words.

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