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When The Doomsday Preppers Steal All The Chicken, Try Making Spam Fried Rice


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When The Doomsday Preppers Steal All The Chicken, Try Making Spam Fried Rice

APRIL 9, 2020 By Brad Jackson

While we’re all shut up in our homes with crazy kids, screaming into a pillow just waiting for the world to move along, we have to cook with what we can scrounge up at the half-barren grocery store. You know what that means? Spam!

Yep, that World War II-staple meat in a can that the Hawaiians seem abnormally to adore is actually pretty good. I’ll admit, before I cooked with it the other day, I had never eaten Spam. I mean, it’s meat in a can, so that’s weird. Not to mention, they don’t do a great job of marketing. In the end, though, Spam is actually tasty, and right now, just like in the hard times of World War II, it’s a reliable protein.

How do you cook with Spam? The answer is several ways, but this Spam fried rice I made the other night — which my kids loved — is a great place to start.

Here’s everything I used to make the dish:

·        one can of regular Spam

·        a couple eggs

·        chopped garlic

·        chopped onions

·        chopped carrots

·        halved grape tomatoes

·        chopped chives

·        fish sauce

·        soy sauce

·        sesame oil

·        ginger

·        frozen peas

·        rice

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