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Prof encourages students to file 'bias reports' if they hear someone say 'Chinese virus'


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A professor at the University of Nevada, Reno encourages students and faculty to file bias reports to combat "coronavirus" racism.

President Donald Trump recently referred to the coronavirus as the "Chinese virus" at a press briefing saying, “It’s not racist at all.” Trump began using the term "Chinese virus" after China attempted to blame the U.S. military for the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan. 

Nicole Jacobs, associate dean of diversity and inclusion at the University of Nevada, Reno published an article on the university's website, encouraging readers to combat "coronavirus racism." According to Jacobs, Americans need to "ARISE" to become an "active bystander" and oppose "act of racism and bias." To Jacobs, this also includes comments like "Chinese virus." 

Jacobs instructs readers to "approach the source of bias with questions" like "why did you call it the Chinese virus" and respond with ‘I’ statements like ‘I am not okay with you referring to this as the Chinese virus’.

In addition, Jacobs also encourages readers to educate others that "we no longer name viruses after places."

She then asks others to help those who hear the term "Chinese virus" "debrief" after what she calls an "act of racism." 


Don't offend the virus...

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'Chinese virus'  'Chinese virus'  'Chinese virus'  'Chinese virus'


So go ahead an report me...because




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