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Minnesota on the edge: ‘I’ve voted Democrat my whole life. It’s getting tougher.’


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ELY, Minn. — At the edge of a vast wilderness ringed by lakes and woods, a surprise discovery provided a rare jolt of optimism for a struggling mining town now known mainly as a prime destination for canoers: Massive deposits of nickel and copper — minerals that power cars and smartphones — lie under the earth.

Many jubilant residents of Ely and nearby towns are now hanging their hopes on a plan to build a massive mining facility under a patch of national forest that’s a stone’s throw from one of the most verdant watersheds in the world. But the project increases the risk of acidic waste contaminating the area’s lakes and streams. Environmental groups mounted a well-funded push against the project. Democratic presidential contenders began objecting, too: Bernie Sanders, Mike Bloomberg and Elizabeth Warren pledged to stop the project. Joe Biden has yet to take a position.:snip:

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Trump’s “not pro-labor and that’s the only message we really have for them,” he said. “He basically stole the union’s message and is using that, but to his core, he doesn’t believe any of the stuff we do, but he knows he’s getting votes for it.”

Back in the late 70's PBS(?) had a show about Unions. The head of the Steel Works Union said something that has always stuck with me. "There is a difference between a Union man and a Union Worker. A Union Man Believes in the Union Movement, a Union Worker joins a Union ONLY to get the job. Most of my members are Union Workers."


I spent my working life of the factory floor, while many of those i worked with may have voted Democrat, they really have Nothing in common with the leadership of the Democratic party. Today's Democratic Party talks about Same Sex Bathrooms...Green New Deal...Trans-Gender Rights...Equity. Those on The floor want a good job, with good pay.

Barack Obama was touted as a Change President...well he did bring Change, but not in a good way (at least for those on the Factory Floor). Donald Trump may actually Be A Change President. If for no other reason than he appears not to give a damn about what the press and the Democrats 9but I repeat myself) say about him. I find this...refreshing. One of the things you need to learn quickly when doing factory work is 1 how to give it back as well as take it. Or your working life will be interesting, and no in a good way. This is Donald Trump

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