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China Is Lashing Out Because Wuhan Flu Has Unmasked It To The World


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China Is Lashing Out Because Wuhan Flu Has Unmasked It To The World

The Chinese communists are afraid. You might not guess it from the invertebrate and borderline anti-national corporate media parroting Chinese state propaganda, but they are. Beijing is shaken. Their dream of dominating the globe eventually, with the slow overstretch and collapse of the Pax Americana, was considered a matter of destiny.

Then suddenly, it all was shaken. A combination of incompetence, criminal negligence, and totalitarian suppression of a new devastating virus originating from the raw meat and wet markets of interior China let it rage through the globe.

The world’s first postmodern global pandemic, preventable but not prevented, has so far already caused the deaths of more than 13,000 people, torched all the major power centers, decimated the service sector, pushed the global economy to the brink of an unprecedented recession, devastated the stock market, closed the borders of all the great powers, ended global cooperation on vaccines, and rocked the boat of globalisation in ways unthinkable since the peak days of the autarkic 1930s. If this is the hegemonic order of the future superpower, then civilization is doomed.

Some of the bravest men and women have been the Chinese doctors and nurses on the frontlines of this virus, who were bravely raising alarm, often at the cost of their lives, and suppressed by the most totalitarian and evil great power in the planet. Many media outlets are trying to hush it, but the people are not idiots. As David Marcus wrote, 55 percent of Americans support President Trump’s handling of the pandemic, and that includes his saber-rattling against Beijing.

And Beijing is afraid. You can feel that in their intersectional tweets, which are indistinguishable from any random western op-ed in Vice or BuzzFeed or CNN, or the tweets of Alyssa Milano or Jenny Yang. The Chinese state isn’t a race, it’s a regime, and it is not racist to point out that they torched the globe.

Everything from the deaths, to the recession, to the job losses and economic calamity is directly attributable to Beijing. Normal people comprehend that, so it’s obvious that a section of media and celebrities are deliberately engaging in divisive, unpatriotic rhetoric at a time of global crisis, the closest we have come to a total societal stress-test since the Second World War.:snip:

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