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‘I’m Sorry, With Respect, That Wasn’t Three Months Ago’: Tucker Presses Kelly Loeffler On Insider Trading Accusation


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Fox News host Tucker Carlson interviewed embattled Republican Georgia Sen. Kelly Loeffler on Friday night’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Loeffler and Republican North Carolina Sen. Richard Burr reportedly sold off millions of dollars in stocks from late January to mid-February after a closed-door Senate meeting about the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic, sparking accusations of insider trading. Last night, the Daily Caller co-founder said, absent an explanation from the senator, that Burr should “resign from the Senate and face prosecution for insider trading.”


Before bringing on the Georgia senator, Carlson gave her credit for quickly responding to the accusations by explaining that a third party handles her portfolio.

Carlson asked the senator “who specifically made that decision for you” to sell these equities and why she though they made that decision?



“I decided that I was going to maintain the same posture that I had with the financial services industry, which was to have the third-party person and a set of advisers that were fully charged and able to make these transactions on my own so that I did not have to be involved in any of the decision-making around these financial transactions,” Loeffler said, adding that such a practice “worked very well in the private sector” and “kept us from having to have concerns around insider trading.”


That is not a good look for her...

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