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Guest Post: Voter Fraud in Minnesota


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Andy Cilek

Mar. 19 2020

It’s technically incorrect to say that there is large voter fraud in Minnesota, because what most people would consider voter fraud is, in fact, legal in Minnesota.

Voter fraud in Minnesota is practiced through a two-part process. First, election laws are constructed that are designed to tolerate ineligible voting and, second, even the weak constraints in those statutes aren’t enforced. Most voters of either party are totally unaware of what’s going on.

Here is how it works:


Some Solutions:

  1. Continue to rely on paper ballots.
  2. Have a Democrat and Republican election judge at each polling place.
  3. Have provisional ballots. Don’t count the vote if the voter is ineligible.
  4. Have photo IDs.
  5. Eliminate early voting.
  6. Eliminate vouching.

Minnesotans deserve fair and honest elections, and they can get them if these changes are implemented.

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