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Google Employee Who Allegedly Assaulted Pro-Life Activist Countersues Him for $5 Million


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Mary Margaret Olohan

Mar. 18 2020

A senior Google employee who allegedly assaulted a pro-life activist countersued him for $5 million.

Twenty-eight-year-old engineer Michael Gribbin said he was chalking pro-life messages on the sidewalk near a Washington, D.C., Planned Parenthood on Aug. 31, 2019, when Quinn Chasan, the head of customer analytics for Google Cloud physically assaulted him.

Video footage of the incident posted to YouTube by Gribbin allegedly shows Gribbin following Chasan and demanding that Chasan give his chalk back. The footage then shows Chasan throw the chalk, walk to his bike and unlock it, and Gribbin grab the bike and say he will not allow Chasan to leave until police arrive. Chasan then punches Gribbin and pushes him to the ground, according to Gribbin.

A September 2019 police report obtained by the Daily Caller says that the victim called for police assistance “after he was punched and pushed by S-1 [suspect] after a heated argument turned physical in the 400 block of M street,” and that “N.E. M.P.D Officers arrived on scene where V-1 flagged Officers down to give his account of events.”



Unlisted Video At Link

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