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Cheating allegations, corruption scandal don't slow men's basketball coaches' pay


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Nearly 30 months since an FBI corruption case rocked college basketball, some of the nation’s top programs are still operating under a cloud of suspicion even as their coaches stand to earn more money than ever:

► Bill Self, the head coach of No. 1 Kansas, is earning $4 million this year and is due a separate $6 million lump payment in March 2022. Last September, the NCAA filed allegations against Kansas that said Self was among those who “willfully engaged in NCAA violations” and “blatantly” disregarded NCAA rules.

► Arizona coach Sean Miller is earning $2.8 million in basic annual pay with another raise and bonus payments on the way. Last year, federal prosecutors played a wiretapped phone call in court that suggested he was breaking NCAA rules by paying Arizona star Deandre Ayton $10,000 per month.

► Auburn coach Bruce Pearl is making $3.8 million this year, about $1.2 million more than last year. Auburn gave him a new contract last year just months before stating in a court filing that it expects to receive formal allegations from the NCAA about trouble in Pearl’s program.:snip:

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