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Far Left Democrat Finally ADMITS To Unethical Acts, Provides Evidence Of Corruption


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Mar. 12 2020

Far Left Democrat Finally ADMITS To Unethical Behaviors, Provides Evidence Of Corruption. Ilhan Omar has just come out and admitted she is in a relationship with a man she was accused of illicitly paying.

The far left Democrat was hit with an ethics complaint alleging she was having an affair with married Tim Mynett and cheating on her husband Ahmed Hirsi. The complaint alleged that she was using campaign funds to reimburse her lover as he traveled with her having an affair.

Now Ilhan has married the man she previously claimed in the press she was not involved with. This lends some credence to the claim the payments she made were illicit

While some may hope that Republicans will push for investigations or that the ethics office will investigate, Rashida Tlaib is currently being investigated and has stonewalled the OCE so it's likely nothing will end up happening.

The story is somewhat similar to one from last year where Alexandria Ocasio Cortez was accused of illicitly paying her boyfriend in order for him to move to new york with her.





Islamic Sharia Council Divorce

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