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US troops killed and injured in rocket attack on Iraq base


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Two American service members were among three who were reportedly killed when rockets struck a base near Baghdad housing U.S. forces. 


Camp Taji, a base that houses U.S. troops, was targeted by about 18 Katyusha rockets on Wednesday. Three people were killed and 12 were injured in the attack. 

According to a statement from U.S. Central Command, the attack is being investigated by Iraqi Security Forces and the U.S.-led coalition. 

"Camp Taji is an Iraqi base that hosts Coalition personnel for training and advising missions," the statement read. "The Iraqi Security Forces found a rocket-rigged truck, a few miles from Camp Taji." 

No organization has claimed responsibility for the attacks, but the base has been targeted in the past by Iranian-backed militia groups, including Kata’ib Hezbollah, which was led by Abu Mahdi al Muhandis until the United States killed him in a January drone strike along with Iranian Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani. The attack prompted Iran to fire more than a dozen missiles at two bases in Iraq housing U.S. troops. 

If Iran-backed militia groups were behind the attack, it would signal a major escalation in the region, the largest since tensions between the U.S. and Iran earlier this year.:snip:

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