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Democrat Voter Fraud in Minnesota


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9. Democrat Voter Fraud in Minnesota.

Voter Fraud in Minnesota, and one can presume elsewhere, is practiced almost entirely by Democrats, who have waged a relentless campaign to block any attempt to block ineligible voters from voting, or eligible voters from voting more than once as “voter suppression.”

It’s actually technically incorrect to say that there is large voter fraud in Minnesota, because what you and I would consider voter fraud is in fact legal in Minnesota. The Democrats euphemistic phrase for voter fraud is “ineligible voting” but the manipulation of the voting system is still fraudulent and so it’s still voter fraud. Most voters of either party are totally unaware of what’s going on.

Voter fraud In Minnesota is practiced almost entirely by Democrats through a two-part process. First, they construct election laws that are designed to tolerate ineligible voting and, second, they don’t enforce even the weak constraints in those statutes. Most voters of either party are totally unaware of what’s going on.

Here is how it works.

Self-certification. In Minnesota, you are supposed to be prohibited from voting if you (1) have a court order stating that you are incompetent to vote, (2) are not a citizen, (3) are a felon on parole or probation, or (4) live outside the precinct.

In all cases, you can still vote in Minnesota by self-certifying to the election judge that you are eligible to vote. Nothing more is needed, just your statement. For instance, if the election judge knows that you are ineligible to vote because he personally knows that you just got out of prison and that you are on parole, you can still vote by self-certifying.  Even if the poll roster has a notation that the state has found you ineligible, you can vote. Just tell the election judge you want a ballot.:snip:

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