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Trump campaign pours millions into Minnesota to end decades of Democratic dominance


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The vice president's wife did not waste much time getting to her message after taking the stage for a Keep America Great rally.


“Minnesota,” Karen Pence told the packed hotel ballroom in St. Paul, “you know this is one of the states that is going to make a real difference in this election.”

In other years, her words may have been dismissed as campaign hyperbole, an empty wish in a state that has the longest Democratic winning streak in the country. Yet this time around, the Trump campaign believes it can turn Minnesota red by deploying an army of staffers to drive up turnout in rural areas.

Vice President Mike Pence was due to appear at the Keep America Great rally at the InterContinental Hotel on Thursday. But when he was diverted to Washington state as part of his work with the coronavirus task force, it fell to his wife to excite supporters with a jobs-based message tailored for this part of the Midwest.

“A job isn’t just a paycheck. A job is a purpose,” she said as she talked up President Trump’s economic achievements.

The campaign is pouring money into a state that has not voted for a Republican presidential candidate since Richard Nixon’s 1972 landslide. It sees Minnesota as a potential hedge against losing states Trump picked up in 2016, such as Pennsylvania or Wisconsin.:snip:

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Will they be spending money/actively campaigning Inside the 694/494 beltway? Because if they don't (IMO) they money will be wasted.

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