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We must stop importing medication from China


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If there's a silver lining to the novel coronavirus, it's that our dependence on China for medication and medical devices has been brought to the fore (at least to those paying attention).

Our dependence on China for these vital supplies is insane for all the obvious reasons, not the least of which is how quickly we could be brought to our knees.  We must act now to break this dependence and start manufacturing medication here at home.

India, which manufactures most of the world's generic drugs, is already taking steps to reduce its reliance on ingredients from China (here).  This point is worthy of a brief explanation.  Although a medication may be made in a certain country, the active and inactive ingredients for that medication almost always come from China.  So while China may not manufacture the final product, it holds the keys to production.

Not good.:snip:

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This has been a discussion point around our family for a couple of years now. You can't seem to get around it with prescription medications. We tried our best with over the counter supplements, but it seems that most of the time if you can find them labeled made in the US - a lot of the time the ingredients still come from China

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