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Warren response to coronavirus outbreak: Free vaccines, paid leave, and a $400B stimulus


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Elizabeth Warren proposed a free vaccine program, an economic stimulus, and a paid leave program as a response to the coronavirus outbreak. 


"The Trump Administration response has been a mess," the Massachusetts senator said in the plan released Monday. "The President has put Vice President Mike Pence in charge of coordinating the response — the same man who ignored scientific experts and presided over a public health emergency as Governor of Indiana." 

The plan includes having the government pay for health evaluations and for vaccines for the virus, creating an emergency paid leave program so that workers can get time off to get treatment or to care for a relative as soon as they begin exhibiting symptoms, and enacting at least a $400 billion fiscal stimulus package to prevent damage to the economy. 

President Trump has placed Pence in charge of an administration response that has included working to send states more test kits and boosting efforts to develop vaccines. Last week, Trump requested a supplemental budget of $2.5 billion to fight the growing outbreak, which Democrats said was insufficient. So far, the administration has not put forward any stimulus measures. Instead, Trump has said that the Federal Reserve should lower rates to limit the economic damage from the spread of the virus.:snip:

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