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Glenn Beck TalksTo Candace Owens


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Feb. 29 2020

The leftist media has tried to whitewash her, paint her as privileged, and call her a traitor to her race. But conservative activist and BLEXIT founder Candace Owens has had enough of the games and victimization. Once a leftist herself, she watched as the Left demonized cultural icons like Donald Trump and Kanye West and realized how dependent the Left is on black America. She has experienced firsthand how desperately the Left insists that black Americans are victims in the Trump era, especially when they disagree. But her rough upbringing and strong work ethic have led her to a different calling: to free black America from the bondage of progressivism. And like Kanye and Trump, she’s not letting any politician tell her what to believe.




I Think I'm In Love! Or at least a strong case of Like. :D

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Feb. 28 2020

Conservative activist Candice Owens was one of the featured speakers at the 2020 CPAC convention taking place in suburban Washington, D.C. Owens has often spoke out on issued of race in America, often sharply criticizing liberals for their views on the topic. She spent two years working with Turning Point USA.

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