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Forget it, Joe. It’s Minneapolis


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Scott Johnson

Feb. 28 2020

I joined Joe Soucheray and his crew (Rookie, John Heidt, and Chris Reuvers) on Joe’s Podcast One (check it out) Garage Logic show yesterday to talk about the unbelievable saga of Ilhan Omar. Letting me go for the whole one-hour show, Joe took me back to the beginning of my writing partnership with John in 1992 and gave me the time to relate the Omar saga from my entrée to it in 2016 to date. My theme at this point in time (as the Nixon gang used to say in Watergate testimony) comes straight outta Chinatown.

Several times in the course of my remarks I cited Ben Weingarten’s just-published book on Omar, American Ingrate. Kyle Shideler has an excellent summary of the book in his Federalist review “How do you solve a problem like Ilhan Omar?” We are familiar with Ilhan Omar’s approach to her saga. Ben now enumerates the “14 Crucial Questions That Bernie Sanders Surrogate Ilhan Omar Won’t Answer.”


Garage Logic Podcast

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