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Feb. 27 2020

Glenn explains how Nazi era hatred is making a comeback, all over the world. Nazis were nationalist socialists. Bernie Sanders is an international socialist (communist). But both both groups want/wanted the same thing: a complete TAKEOVER through revolution. And it's happening: radicalism is rapidly spreading around the world. From the rise of anti semitism to doctor assisted suicide in Europe, the ultimate goal of communist tyrants like Lenin and Stalin keeps moving one step closer to fruition...


Feb. 27 2020

Bernie Sanders proudly calls himself a Democratic Socialist, and has been doing so throughout his time on the 2020 campaign trail. But, what about those who are surrounding him? Glenn breaks down just how RADICAL the people helping Bernie win the Democratic nomination are -- and everyone from his senior policy advisors to national field directors have a history with two of America's most radical movements and revolution attempts of the 21st century: Antifa and Occupy Wall Street. And if Bernie actually wins the White House, THESE are the kinds of people who will be surrounding him in D.C., too. It's time we learn the truth behind Bernie's radicals, because if not, America might never be the same.

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