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Why the Left Calls Good People Racist - Dennis Prager


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Afew weeks ago, I devoted my column to an article about me published in Newsweek under the headline “Conservative Radio Host Ridicules Anne Frank.” As the full context of my comments in the video made clear, it was a lie.

To its credit, after its editor was notified of this fact, Newsweek changed the headline and made revisions to the article and issued a correction.

John Gates has seen quite distinct viewpoints at Purdue, even in his first week at Purdue in early 2019. When he attended a Turning Point event that Dennis Prager spoke at, he noted that he was one of three black people in the room.

“His central thesis was as follows: Diversity is bad. Every dollar spent on diversity is a dollar wasted,” Gates said. “He said slavery was not bad. In fact, every civilized nation was founded in slavery, and that blacks should just be happy to be in this country. And he got a rousing ovation.”

A vice provost of Purdue University quoted me as saying, “slavery was not bad.”:snip:

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and that blacks should just be happy to be in this country.

Actually there was a (black) Washington Post reporter who after spending 6 months in West Africa wrote a book saying pretty much that same thing.



I wrote vice provost Gates a letter, which began: "Dr. Gates:

"I am attaching eight video files of my speech at Purdue. See if you can find where I said, implied or hinted that slavery is not bad.

"Allow me to react to your invitation to chat over the phone. Had I, as a Jew, written in some publication that you said, 'the Holocaust wasn't bad,' and then invited you to have a chat, would you agree to do so? Or would you first demand that I retract such a vile smear of you?

"When you unequivocally retract in The Exponent what you said and apologize for saying it, I will be happy to chat with you. In fact, I will even invite you on to my national radio show."

I never received a response from Gates.


A couple of points.

1. One of the things i learned from my time at TOS was Cite Your Sources, because if you don't...someone Will call you out.

2. I spend a lot of time now on You Tube talking to people, often on The Left (because I LOVE to beat my head against the wall :D) something I've noticed is our friends on the Left very very rarely cite a source (of any kind) they are very good at name calling, when asked to cite a source or respond to a source..."I never received a response from Gates." is generally the response.

3. Something people like Dave Rubin Tim Pool (Both left of center) have said is conservatives Want to have a debate, the Left...not so much.

4. I believe the reason is most of the Left have no idea what we (on the Right) really say and why we say it. Because they have never read, (say) National Review..Breitbart..Power Line. We on the Right can't help but know what The Left Says and Why. This is why we win these debates so often. I would say the same about our Materialist friends and the Climate Change Alarmists. Its not we are smarter, it's just they only know one side of the argument.


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