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Could global cooling silently become a reality?


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Trying to imply that cooling is right around the corner when we’re watching record-breaking warm ocean temperatures to me seems a big stretch, but current facts and the history around the five previous ice ages that came and melted before fossil fuels became recognizable words may be worthy of reviewing.

The real climate crisis may not be global warming, but global cooling, and it may have already started. These events may not be an anomaly, but a predecessor of things to come:

  • Planting was one month late due to cold Spring weather across the Great Plains of North America in both 2018 and 2019. 

  • In 2019 Spring was wet and cold and ~40% of the huge USA corn crop was not planted. 

  • Summer 2019 was cold, and snow came early in the Fall, and the crop was a failure across much of the Great Plains. 

  • There were good harvests in the USA Southeast and South in 2019, and lots of grain in storage so prices did not escalate – but there were big crop losses across the Great Plains. Also, lots of that grain will be feed grade only, if they do get it off the fields.

The sun activity which is not controlled by humanity or by social media may be formulating a different forecast for the world. Even NASA has imagined a “Little Ice Age” in the future, because of solar activity that rises and falls in 11-year cycles; and the newest one begins this year, 2020.:snip:

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Once again I give my 3 words to describe the global climate. COUPLED...NON-LINEAR...CHAOTIC.

In other words Something is going on (it always is with the climate). No one is Really Sure what it is (Warming...Cooling? could be either). Not even sure if it is Good or Bad, and if it is in fact Bad, what to do about it.

My problem is with Years Of Living Dangerously the alarmists/catastrophists.

God Bless Michael Crichton!



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