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Scott Johnson

Dec. 13 2019

Ammo Grrrll is available at the merchandise table: JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS: What You NEED Going Forward. She writes:

I confess. Though it’s supposed to be bad manners, I love to eavesdrop. Since I often travel alone, it is not unusual to find myself in situations where I am just sitting there in a restaurant at my pathetic Table For One, pretending to study the menu. All around me various conversations are swirling that give me some idea of what my fellow countrymen are thinking. (Or did, before whole families just hunkered over their individual cellphones.)

Perhaps the conversation that delighted me the most – that can still make me laugh aloud when I relive it – took place in one of those big, heavily advertised roadside souvenir shops that dot the landscape from Arizona through Texas. I was actually an aisle away from the family, but I heard a youngster’s voice. He had grabbed an item off a shelf, determined to have it for his own. “But, WHY can’t I have it? I NEED IT! I NEED IT!” he asserted loudly and tearfully, working his way up to a major meltdown. And this is what I heard:

“No, Cody! Put that back! No 5 year old NEEDS a bullwhip.” Surely, truer words were never spoken. “Need” is such a relative term, isn’t it? (Gun show t-shirt: “Why, yes, I DO have all the guns that I NEED; but, I don’t have all the guns that I WANT.”)

Politically, it’s going to be a long, hard slog for eleven months until we can reelect Donald Trump. We are going to need a lot of morale boosting in a fight in which all the might, all the power are seemingly arrayed against us. Who is still on our side – besides the 63 million Clinging Deplorables who elected him? It gets gosh-darn discouraging. And every day seems to feature a new defector, usually taking a gratuitous potshot at US on his way out the door.


Though this is a deadly serious fight, we are going to need humor, stamina, endurance, and constant reminders of why we fight. The Loony Left will supply the latter. And here is where I think I can help. My newest column compilation book – Ammo Grrrll Is A Straight Shooter – is now out on Amazon and available for purchase in bulk for the holidays. I promise it will be a morale-builder, a load-lightener, and fun stroll back down a pretty recent Memory Lane.

I love recommending other people’s work (good comics, musicians, and my husband, Max Cossack’s excellent novels). I do not like pushing my own stuff. Frankly, I never even mentioned Book Four — Ammo Grrrll Is Home On The Range — but it also covers a fun period of recent history in which the Left has behaved with all the decorum of a kindergarten class that missed its nap on the day after ingesting 80 lbs. of Halloween candy. Feel free to order both books if you missed Book Four. Please. I thank you in advance. If just a couple hundred fans buy the new book, it will vault it to #1 in Political Humor on Amazon! Then give it a 5-Star Review! It really really helps.

“For every single 5-Star Review, a drop is drained from the DC Slough!” – Clarence the Angel in “It’s a Wonderful Life.” You can look it up.


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