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Light and Dainty

Pale pink in the Provençal style, these rosés are energetic and refreshing with delicate fruit characteristics and bright structure. Pair these wines with appetizers such as melon and prosciutto, margherita pizza, or roasted beets with goat cheese.

2018 Burklee Hill Rosé, $21

Red raspberry, cranberry, and lemon zest frame delicate floral aromas, leading to a tart and zippy palate with a touch of tannic grip.

2018 C.L. Butaud Frenchy, $12

Candied pomegranate and tropical flowers lead to a tart, savory mid-palate and an easy finish.

2018 Fall Creek Vineyards Grenache Rosé, $30

Aromas of red berries, orange blossom, and toasted marshmallow make this a friendly summer rosé with a round mid-palate and a vibrant finish.

2018 Knipp Cellars Dandy Rosé, $20

Strawberries dusted with confectioner’s sugar on the nose, leading to a place rich with fruit and a beautifully round palate.

2018 Messina Hof Grenache Rosé, $19

Pretty and approachable, this wine offers notes of strawberries and cream with lemon zest and a faint touch of sweetness.

2018 RLV Tres Rosé, $24

Checks all the boxes for a quintessential Provence rosé—offering summer berries, fields of flowers, and a lovely round palate with vibrancy and balance.

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