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Democrats at War: Bernie Sanders fires both barrels at Clinton-allied think tank


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The Democrats are at war, and the biggest front to open so far was opened by 2020 candidate and self-diagnosed "democratic socialist" Bernie Sanders.


Sanders made big waves against a big target on Sunday as news of his scathing rebuke of the Center for American Progress made the rounds. It's not the only front on which the war is being fought, but it's the hottest strike zone so far.

That rebuke came in the form of a letter, obtained and printed by the New York Times, and it minces no words. Sanders is accusing the think tank, a John Podesta joint, of "using its resources to smear Senator Booker, Senator Warren, and myself, among others," thereby undermining their mission to defeat Trump. 

The battle line here is ideological, with Sanders and the "progressives" on one side, and American Progress and it's action fund on the other, stemming from articles published by the affiliated ThinkProgress website.


The Left versus the Left.

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