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George Conway escalates attack on Trump's mental state


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George Conway, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway's husband, gave another scathing evaluation of President Trump's mental state Saturday evening.


The president criticized the New York Times on Twitter, accusing the outlet of false reporting on immigration to make him look bad. He then jumped to the 2016 election, claiming the Times "had to beg" for forgiveness from subscribers for its campaign coverage, apologized to him, and then moved on to "even worse, really corrupt reporting."

In response, Mother Jones journalist David Corn tweeted, "Once again, does he know he’s lying? Probably, right?" Conway replied to Corn, saying Trump's mind is a mess.

"Lies, half-truths, exaggerations, distortions, misrcollections [sic], ignorant misconceptions, wishful thinking, things that randomly pop into his mind that he thinks sound good at any particular moment, random babble—all of [these] things swirl around in his head in an endless jumble," Conway tweeted. "What’s true and what’s not—and what’s consistent with what he’s said previously and what’s not—really doesn’t matter to him. He finds no shame in being caught in a lie, so why should he distinguish truth from falsity in his own mind?"

His dinner conversations with his wife must be interesting...
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